Kate traveled across London to bring me curry and a dog for the day 


Wednesday Apr 23 09:10pm

what do you mean it’s not 2012

Wednesday Apr 23 08:53pm

Wednesday Apr 23 10:36am

Fargo, 1996.

Fargo, 1996.

Wednesday Apr 23 10:35am

1000 words left to go, except I can’t bring myself to open the word file

maybe I don’t want this to end b/c it’s been such a big thing

and after it I’ll have nothing to do


I think I’m getting stockholm syndrome for my dissertation

Wednesday Apr 23 10:17am

Wednesday Apr 23 10:15am
Tuesday Apr 22 07:09pm




Tuesday Apr 22 06:25pm
Being in a band is serious work.

Being in a band is serious work.

Tuesday Apr 22 04:52pm
Tuesday Apr 22 08:45am

Happy Earth Day!!!

Tuesday Apr 22 08:34am


peacedrums this could be us but you playin

A pretty solid representation of the traditional Glass Canyons pre-gig burrito

Tuesday Apr 22 12:08am
Monday Apr 21 10:51pm

Blue Monday, Sally Gall


Blue Monday, Sally Gall

Monday Apr 21 09:30pm

I’m 500 words ahead of schedule w/ my dissertation* so I think I’ma stop thinking for the day and watch some bad TV and look at some art on the internet

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

*ideally I would’ve finished my diss. by now so on a larger scale I’m like 2000 words behind schedule but I’m gonna let myself have this

Monday Apr 21 09:18pm
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